Your Child’s Trip to the Dentist

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Your child’s first, or even second trip to the dentist does not need to be a traumatic event for you or your child. There are steps that you can take to ensure that visiting the dentist can be a positive experience for your child, and stress-free experience for you.

Ideally, you should not wait until your child has a toothache or some other dental emergency before scheduling a visit to the dentist’s office. You should take your child for his first dental appointment after his first tooth has come in, and before his first birthday. If possible, bring your child in to meet the dentist before the actual appointment. Let him see the exam room, sit in the chair and learn from the dentist what will happen during the visit.

Don’t use a trip to the dentist as a threat or a pretend that you will use the dentist as a punishment for bad behavior. Instead, explain to your child that the dentist will clean his teeth and will help him to have a healthy smile. Take some time to read some books or watch some videos about visiting the dentist. If your child is well-behaved during his visit, or has a good checkup, you will want to give him plenty of praise and encouragement. You may want to give him a sticker, a healthy treat, or make a special stop on the way home as a reward.

If your child is nervous about his appointment, you can ask our dentists about staying in the examination room with him. You might also let him bring a small toy, stuffed animal, or blanket along if that will help him to feel better during the visit.

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