Weak Tooth Enamel May Need Fluoride Supplements

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The mineral density of your tooth child’s enamel can become depleted if they have a poor oral hygiene routine or don’t have access to fluoridated water. Weak enamel can increase their risk of cavities. We invite you to consider prescription fluoride supplements for your child to improve weak tooth enamel and avoid tooth decay.

Following your child’s routine dental checkup, our dental team can perform a fluoride treatment in office to strengthen their tooth enamel, and our dentists, Dr. Danielle Funny and Dr. Sonya Maynor may prescribe a fluoride supplement as well if they have symptoms of weakened tooth enamel.

A fluoride supplement can be provided as a toothpaste or mouthwash that is highly concentrated with fluoride. The best time to take a fluoride supplement is right before sleep at night or during a period of time where they won’t be eating or drinking anything for at least an hour so that the fluoride can effectively saturate the tooth enamel.

They can further enhance the effects of a fluoride supplement by practicing oral hygiene habits such as brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush at least twice a day and flossing each tooth and along your gum line.

We invite you to contact University Pediatric Dentistry at 704-688-1664 today to speak with our dentist about your child’s options for a fluoride supplement in Charlotte, North Carolina.