Dental Facts and Findings on Pediatric Dentistry

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A child’s oral health care should be implemented as soon as their first teeth erupt above the gum line. This is because as soon as a tooth is visible, it can be susceptible to dental damage and decay. Normally, children will not be able to effectively care for their smile until they are six years old, so it will need to be done for them. A specialized branch of dentistry, known as pediatric dentistry, is designed to help care for your child should they suffer any dental damage.

To ensure your child receives the necessary care, be sure to bring them in before they are 1 year of age. This is important, so their pediatric dentist will be able to determine what their level of oral health is and address any issues that may have arisen. Pediatric dentists are designed to care for younger individuals because they have received several years of additional training beyond traditional dental school. Typically, this can last for 2-3 years as they receive the necessary training for complex procedures and oral health care treatment tips to fix and repair any oral health ailments that may arise in children. Furthermore, they are even trying to help assist with patients with special needs. If your child is suffering from any oral health conditions including routinely sucking their thumbs, baby bottle tooth decay or teething, it is important to bring them in to see their pediatric dentist.

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