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University Pediatric Dentistry provides conscious, or oral, sedation to give you child a more comfortable overall experience. We will provide medication for your child to take before his or her appointment so that he or she will be completely relaxed when it is time to meet with our pediatric dentists. For more information about oral conscious sedation in Charlotte, North Carolina, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Danielle Funny and Dr. Sonya Maynor, contact us today at 704-688-1664.

Oral sedation is a form of conscious sedation we may recommend to ensure your child has a comfortable experience. Administered in a liquid form, conscious sedation is simple and easy to use. Your child will remain awake during their treatment, but they will feel more calm and at ease.

Sedation dentistry will help your child feel more comfortable during their treatment. Our experienced pediatric dentists and dental team will ensure that your child remains safe throughout their visit. Each member of our team is highly trained, and we carefully monitor your child during their sedation visit. If your child suffers from dental anxiety, has a history of negative dental experiences or if your child simply feels nervous about their treatment, sedation dentistry can help them feel more at ease. Sedation dentistry is also a good choice for patients who have difficulty getting numb or who have an extremely sensitive gag reflex.

For more information on sedation dentistry and how it can make your child’s dental experience more pleasant, we welcome you to contact us today.