Laser Dentistry for Children | Dentist in Charlotte, NC

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We are proud to offer frenectomy treatment for infants and children here at University Pediatric Dentistry. In an effort to support mothers in meeting their breastfeeding goals and to better meet the needs of the families we serve, we began providing treatment for infants and children who have tongue ties and lip ties.

The laser frenectomy process is simple and relatively quick. If necessary, Dr. Funny can provide your child with a frenectomy here in Charlotte, North Carolina, when it is the best option for them. Treatment can typically be completed in just one visit to our office. Know that Dr. Funny takes measures to ensure your child’s comfort during the visit. Our team will also provide you with care instructions and support resources to help your family attain the best possible outcome during healing. She continues to seek out continuing education opportunities in this area in order to enhance her skill set. We welcome you to call us today at 704-688-1664 to learn more about whether your child could benefit from a frenectomy at University Pediatric Dentistry.