Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

When you have newborn babies, one of the last things you probably think about is whether or not they’ll have problems with their dental health. After all, babies don’t have any teeth! But you’d probably be surprised to learn how many babies have what’s called “baby bottle tooth decay.” Today, we’re going to look at what that is, so you... read more »

Dental Facts and Findings on Pediatric Dentistry

A child's oral health care should be implemented as soon as their first teeth erupt above the gum line. This is because as soon as a tooth is visible, it can be susceptible to dental damage and decay. Normally, children will not be able to effectively care for their smile until they are six years old, so it will need... read more »

How Can You Watch Out for Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Baby bottle tooth decay is a condition impacting the mouth, teeth, and gums of children below the age of 6. When a child has Baby bottle tooth decay, their oral cavity is filled with cavities and could also end up with potential tooth loss. If you’re meticulous with your child’s dental care at your home and you bring them into... read more »

What You Should Do Before and After Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Appointments

Paying attention to the side effects of baby bottle tooth decay is a great way to battle its effects, but sometimes you’ll need professional help to deal with the disease. Use the below info to help your child prior to and following their baby bottle tooth decay visit to our office. To prepare for your visit with our office, please... read more »