What is a frenum?

Tongue Tie & Lip Tie TreatmentA frenum (or frenulum as it is widely known) is a small fold of tissue that connects one part of the mouth to another. Both the labial and lingual frenum attachments can develop in ways that affect proper oral function. In some cases, Dr. Funny or Dr. Maynor may recommend a release or modification of a frenum to improve a baby’s ability to latch when nursing and swallowing. In older children, treating a short or thick attachment may have a positive effect on their speech and other types of functions such as chewing and the ability to self-cleanse using their tongue. In some cases, a short, thick frenum can cause recession of the gums.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment of frenum attachments is called a frenectomy. The two most common types of frenectomies are lingual frenectomy and labial frenectomy. A lingual frenum (Tongue Tie) connects the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. A labial frenectomy (Lip Tie) is used to remove the frenum that attaches the top lip to your gums above your front teeth.

What is the process of correcting a frenum attachment?

Tongue Tie & Lip Tie TreatmentThe laser frenectomy process is simple and relatively quick. Treatment can typically be completed in just one visit to our office. Know that Dr. Funny and Dr. Maynor take measures to ensure your child’s comfort during the visit. Our team will also provide you with care instructions and support resources to help your family attain the best possible outcome during healing.