Does Your Child Need a Pediatric Dental Crown?

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Our pediatric dentists and team at University Pediatric Dentistry are pleased to provide a variety of dental restorations for children, including pediatric dental crowns, to restore damaged teeth that have suffered from a cavity or oral injury and need to rebuild their appearance, shape, size and strength. We can help you determine if your child needs a dental crown to cover a tooth and help them enjoy a healthy smile for years to come.

The most common use of dental crowns is to restore permanent teeth that have been affected by tooth decay or other issues, but your child can receive a dental crown from our pediatric dentists for a primary tooth that is vulnerable and at risk. For instance, a large cavity on a primary tooth can prevent it from supporting a dental filling unless it also receives a dental crown to bond the two together. If many of your children’s teeth are at risk of tooth decay, we can place several dental crowns to protect the teeth from developing cavities.

Our pediatric dentists and team would be happy to discuss the benefits of dental crowns, especially if your child has a hard time cleaning their smile and doesn’t practice good oral hygiene habits consistently. If your child has dental crowns, they may not need dental anesthesia as often and may find it more comfortable when receiving dental treatment at the office. Our pediatric dentists provides stainless steel dental crowns for kids to effectively prevent problems caused by harmful substances.

If you are interested in speaking with Dr. M. Danielle Funny and our team more on the topic of pediatric dental crowns in Charlotte, North Carolina, contact University Pediatric Dentistry at 704-688-1664 today!